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50 things to have done before you are 11¾

The British National Trust is aiming to get the UK's 'cotton wool kids' outdoors. Here is their list of the 50 things to do before you are 11¾. Except for #49 which can only apply to today's kids and which I've replaced, this is an instant nostalgia trip for me.

Which ones did Vilakins manage?

1. Climb a tree (many! And it's amazing how few adults look up when they're trying to find you; actually almost zero)

2. Roll down a really big hill

3. Camp out in the wild

4. Build a den

5. Skim a stone (well, I never got the hang of it, but I tried)

6. Run around in the rain (not much on rain, sorry)

7. Fly a kite (I had the best kite my father made: spotty calico hexagon which flew really well. Acrtually Greg and I still have kites)

8. Catch a fish with a net

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree

10. Play conkers (don't have them here)

11. Throw some snow

12. Hunt for treasure on the beach

13. Make a mud pie

14. Dam a stream

15. Go sledging

16. Bury someone in the sand

17. Set up a snail race

18. Balance on a fallen tree (easy as falling off a log, my grandfather used to say)

19. Swing on a rope swing

20. Make a mud slide

21. Eat blackberries growing in the wild (ah, so many times!)

22. Take a look inside a tree

23. Visit an island (lots of 'em)

24. Feel like you're flying in the wind

25. Make a grass trumpet (and daisy chains!)

26. Hunt for fossils and bones

27. Watch the sun wake up

28. Climb a huge hill

29. Get behind a waterfall

30. Feed a bird from your hand

31. Hunt for bugs

32. Find some frogspawn (and man, the frogs that must have developed from the tadpoles I overfed and Mum made me release must have been monsters)

33. Catch a butterfly in a net

34. Track wild animals

35. Discover what's in a pond (lots of oxygen weed and mud. And tads)

36. Call an owl (I have a couple on the garden. I call them moreporks, and indeed that's just what they are)

37. Check out the creatures in a rock pool

38. Bring up a butterfly

39. Catch a crab (both kinds: actual crabs, and mis-strokes when rowing)

40. Go on a nature walk at night

41. Plant it, grow it, eat it (I grew carrots, tomatoes, and sweetcorn. We also had chickens and I'd feed them and collect the eggs)

42. Go wild swimming (If they mean rivers and sea with big breakers, then yes, a lot)

43. Go rafting

44. Light a fire without matches

45. Find your way with a map and compass

46. Try bouldering (not sure what this is, but I've clambered over boulders at the beach)

47. Cook on a campfire (oh, those undercooked spuds we kids so gamely ate...)

48. Try abseiling

49. Find a geocache Go surfing / waveboarding

50. Canoe down a river (see #43)

OK, 34 out of 50; not bad. And I'd forgotten about those grass trumpets.

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