Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Linky stuff

Here are some links I've been accumulating for a while as you can tell by the first one.

Luke and Leia find the perfect father's day card

A cat and dog who meet each day for a walk

A baby on a swing with a cat as big as him; awww

The scientists who found the Higgs boson used the wrong font! I like the comment someone apparently made on Twitter: "If you don't like the font, go find your own fundamental particle".

One for quarryquest: a hamster discovers the usefulness of a phone

A German artist paints a bridge to look like Lego

Iconic images recreated with 'Star Wars' characters

And this one for sallymn (though 'Zugzwang' isn't unusual ro anyone who plays chess): Illustrations of unusual and rarely spoken words

'Yonderly' describes me quite well these days. :-P

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Tags: cool stuff, links
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