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And here are the links I mentioned, collected over the past weeks and presented in chronological order.

I'm all for the local campaign to stop kids smoking, but putting the messages on the back of school buses really didn't work that well.
One ad that misfired
And another

Some really cool yarn-bombing from a group of crocheters: the solar system.

Huge cats in tiny boxes - you know how they are. I have photos of Ashley in her birthday box, but in her case the sizes are reversed.

Snake on a plane! I love the last comment: "Until we find the snake, it's not good for business."

Self portraits in the Flemish style - an artist who whiles away long flights taking photos of herself in the loo with paper towels.

Cats imitating art - well, not really. I think they just looked for photos that matched a painting, but the three odalisques and the last two amuse the hell out of me.

South Miami Beach retirees 1982-85 - I love this: wonderful, wonderful characters enjoying life. The 4th one could be my grandfather complete with hat, and the woman blowing smoke out of her nostrils reminds me of my (now dead) keen smoker Aunt Joy; that's even her hairstyle.

Spitfires found in Burma! This is huge news for those of us who love old planes (and especially those so obsessed as a kid they were nicknamed Spitfire...)

And for the DW-fan crafters among you, a TARDIS shawl.

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