Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Da dum da dum da dum...

I went to see 'Shark Tale' last night--yes, I've never grown up--and rounded off the evening with a great meal and sangria at a Spanish tapas bar. Yum!

Shark Tale was fun, very urban American, but under the sea. The fish all looked like their actors: Will Smith as the hip bottom-feeder 'hero' Oscar; Revert de Niro as the Godfather shark; Jack Black as the sweet vegetarian son--awww, a cuddly shark!; Michael Imperioli (Christopher from 'The Sopranos') as the other son, a big-nosed wiseguy who gets whacked early on, Renee Zellweger as a sweet round-faced fish sweet on Oscar, and Angelina Jolie as the vamp. Martin Scorsese was the exception as a blowfish who looked disconcertingly like Pilot from 'Farscape'.

Some of the plot--the romantic bit--was sadly predictable, but the sharks weren't. They were wonderful. I'm a nitpicker though and there's no way they live on the wrecked Titanic at a depth you can see sunlight at, and near a reef too, but hey, neither do fish talk, live in high-rise buildings, and run whale-washes. I do wonder though why they need to take lifts/elevators up to penthouses when they could just swim up. (Can't stop with the nits, can I?)

I also wondered what they would do with the expression "sleep with the fishes". I thought "eat with the humans" would be good, especially given the worm on a hook at the beginning, but no, they used it as is, with the proviso, "--the dead ones". Hey, c'mon!

All in all though, a fun film in which the baddies were my favourites. Those sharks were cool.

There were also two animated trailers. One I'd seen before and loved: The Incredibles, Pixar's upcoming superhero film. It shows an overweight retired superhero struggling to get into his old costume while his wife off screen is getting dinner. "Perhaps a salad?" he says mournfully. I'm so looking forward to this one.

The other was Spongebob Squarepants. Now I'm pretty sure the first scene was from 'Das Boot', then the next from an American submarine story. Tension is high; something is approaching underwater. Yes, it's Spongebob on the sonar! Then you see him in the bath playing with his submarines. Eh? He lives underwater and he takes a bath--and then lets the water out? (Sorry, my mind works that way.) Anyway, I like Spongebob, but I'm not sure he'd stand up to a full feature, though if there's live-action inside toy subs, it could be good in a very weird way.

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