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Swirly TARDIS mug

Thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday. It's been pretty good: some sun, brunch at the local authentic run-by-Mexican-family Mexican cafe, discovering a seriously good French brie (Brie de Meaux AOC) at the gourmet supermarket down the road, yummy dinner tonight (sole, salad, melty chocolate pots and butterscotch ice cream)--and a planned dinner tomorrow at Molten.

A wonderful and unexpected surprise was a parcel from England which arrived this week, a Doctor Who mug from kalypso_v, bought at Eastercon and inspired perhaps by my TARDIS icon on this post. :-D Thanks so much!

Behold: the mug filled with my Saturday morning cappuccino, made before we went to brunch.

I wanted to make a swirly galaxy of milk to match the outside but it was just too foamy.

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