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Help me, oh flist!

First off, I needlessly wasted some of my ANZAC day off work worrying about the doctors' office message. It took me a while to track down who left it and what it was for, but it was all about a temporary prescription I got a month ago for an infected toenail. Dammit, practice nurses, I was thinking it was something serious. I'm not really annoyed though; I'm too relieved.


About this finishathon fic I have to write (which is B7-free incidentally). I need some ideas for aliens who showing their presence fairly subtly and mysteriously in WW1 England as then I can figure out what the characters are going to, you know, do. Hit me with anything you like, no matter how odd - well, the odder the better, really.

[Edit] I have my aliens now and lots of ideas for things they might do. Thank you all, I knew you guys would be able to help.

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