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Stuff and a bit of a catch-up

I just realised I haven't posted anything (apart from a couple of b7friday stories) for over three weeks (though I've been reading and commenting). I think it's a combination of several factors: working and having less time and being tired when I get home in the evenings, the general drying-up of fannishness on my flist, and so many people having left B7 in particular... I'm still there, interested and lurking in other fandoms even though I'm not inspired to write. What I do have to write though, and soon is a finishathon story, but more of that in another post in which I will ask for some suggestions so I know what to do with it.

Another factor is that I haven't done much lately that's interesting enough to report. Last weekend though we went to How to Train your Dragon, a live show developed in Australia using huge and magnificent animatronic dragons (like the Walking with Dinosaurs creatures) the actors could interact with and climb on, and fly. They have real personality and it was worth it to see them even though we were sitting on the side and didn't see them against the projected backdrop which provided the scenery. (And Toothless is the Sebastian of dragons, just saying.)

Today is ANZAC day, the first one we've had off work for three years due to it falling on weekends and Easter. Last night we watched The Desert Rats (staunch Aussies holding out against the Afrika Korps in Tobruk) in its honour and tonight we'll pick another of our war classics. There was also a flypast over the city this morning of five WW2 planes in formation, YAY!

I'd feel happier if there hadn't been a message on the phone last night to call the doctor as my blood test results had come in. I bet it's because they're worse and I'll have to take more drugs which makes me feel pessimistic about the future. Ah well, live in the present, I suppose.

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