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Fannish 5 on zines

My life is so boring, I thought I'd answer some fannish5 questions which appeal. Here's a set about zines.

1. What's the first zine you read? Name the fandom if you can't name the zine.

One of the four Blake's 7 Bizarro zines by Leah Rosenthal and Annie Wortham, can't remember which one. I laughed so loudly and helplessly it unnerved the cats who fled the room. I bought the rest, two of them second-hand I think. Some of the humour is too American to really fit the British B7 (Halloween I ask?) but in this case they're so funny I just don't care.

2. What was the first zine you bought? Do you still own it?

Same answer as above, and yes.

3. What was the last zine you bought?

Southern Seven # 12. This is a great B7 genzine of uniformly high quality, but I haven't had time to read the whole series yet.

4. How many zines do you own?

Ooh, I'm shocked to say it has to be over 70 now, but a lot of them were given to me by another fan clearing his house out. So I have doubles of ones I already had plus others I don't want to keep. I must try to sell some...

5. For how many fandoms do you currently buy zines or do you only read online fic now?

I only buy B7 zines, and that's because so many stories are only in print due to the age of the fandom which pre-dates the internet. Some excellent stories are on-line but not that many, so printed zines are the only way to get hold of most of them. I'm delighted when I do find on-line fic.

I only became a fan of B7 in 2001, and at that point didn't have any idea of the extent of fandom in general, and certainly had no idea people wrote about it and other shows. In fact I started writing in isolation. Although I love lots of other shows (esp Farscape and Babylon 5) I am only driven to write B7 fic because of its ending and my desire to give my 'friends' a better, more hopeful future.

I do read some Farscape fic, but because they're still only showing season 3 here, I have to be very careful to avoid spoilers. Who knows, maybe I'll feel inspired to write for it too once I've seen it all. I don't feel the same need to write Babylon 5 fiction though because the story had a satisfying ending.
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