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Another summer and another toe down

It's been that long since I posted? Over three weeks? I suppose I just haven't had that much to tell people.

There are three official days of summer left* and we've hardly had one. I'd say maybe two weeks of decent summery weather over the last three months? And I chose this year to make a sky scarf; here's far too much grey and white in mine. Oh well at least I'm not limp and sweltering like I was last summer and I can sleep at night. March and April are often very nice though so I'm holding out hopes for that and maybe a few days off.

* [Edit] I think we regard summer as Dec-Feb (and other seasons as three-month blocks) because school holidays force people with kids to take their summer break between Christmas and the end of January. Me, I go for February or March to avoid those people and get better weather.

In other news I whacked my foot against one of the bed's legs on Friday morning and the agony almost floored me. I assumed I'd bashed my broken toe--but actually it's the one next to it. The broken one's bruises have almost faded now but its neighbour is deep purple. I think it's just a sprain though because it only hurt for a day or two.

Why yes, I'm a klutz, but I also have long prehensile toes which are excellent at picking things up but do get in the way sometimes. :-P

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