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I tell you, the Retronaut site is almost as good at eating up my time as TV Tropes because each page has more tempting links to follow and it's hard to break off and surface.

Here, in no particular order, are some favourites.

Black Cat Auditions
- lots and lots of Sebastians! I'm not sure which film they were auditioning for but at the end you can see some stills of the cat who was cast going out a window and being induced down a roof.

Screen Sirens from the 20s - gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Ziegfeld Follies, 1920s - more stunning portraits of beautiful women.

Star Wars Vintage Travel Posters - Cruise the galaxy aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, and more. Very WPA.

Victorian Star Trek - some very nice manips.

History of SF - A fascinating zoomable image you can enlarge and explore like a sort of Google map.

Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1935-1958 - posted before by others but still very cool. I think a couple of those book covers are later than that (60s?) though, surely.

The Soviet Hobbit - woodcut illos from the book published in 1976.

A Victorian artificial arm - oddly beautiful and rather steampunk looking.

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