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Some new things I've watched

I enjoyed Sherlock despite having a couple of issues.
I didn't like Irene Adler's association with Moriarty, or the fact that she had to be rescued by Holmes. She's cleverer than that, and that is why this fix-it fic is now canon for me.
That aside though, it was a vastly entertaining ride and I love the musical score. I look forward to the next two.

I also saw Tintin and enjoyed it a lot. Of course it was in 2D for me (since Greg can't see 3D and let me tell you, it was hard to find an evening 2D session). I liked that it diverged from the canon story because and added elements from other stories as then I didn't know what would happen next. I kept wanting to go back and watch bits again so I'll be buying the DVD. (And in other news on that score, we will be getting Blu-Ray capability in this house soon.) BTW that cat? Was so very Jasmin.

We also started watching Person of Interest, mainly because of Michael Emerson's presence in it. I rather like it; I'd rather see murders prevented than solved.

Last night we caught Eternal Law, a new British comedy-drama about angelic lawyers. Yes, lawyers who are also angels (not only a contradiction in terms, but I'd have thought a very limited way of helping people, but hey). I'm not too sure about this one yet but I figured that the British wouldn't get too soppy about the concept and they didn't. Plus, Samuel West! And Ukweli Roach is rather gorgeous and convincingly naive.

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