Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Fall Guy

And here's last week's b7friday story. The topic was falling. Set during 'Dawn of the Gods', 150 words.

Fall Guy

Avon wasn't going. Theory stated that one fell forever into a black hole, or was that only from the point of view of an outside observer? Was it all over instantly for the person doing the falling? He certainly didn't intend to find out. He gave Tarrant a speculative look, but Tarrant gave him a hard, narrow one back. No, he wouldn't fall for it, not after that recent little unpleasantness over the only spacesuit on the flight deck.

They advanced as one on Vila.


Vila sighed. He was always the fall-guy, wasn't he? Story of his life, really. Fell in with bad companions, they said, fell from grace long ago. He'd read somewhere that the very act of walking was a controlled fall. So what was one more?

The airlock was rusted shut. Delicate touch indeed. He sighed and activated the suit comms to tell them he was ready.

And now I just have to write something for this week... Oh, and anyone new want to join b7friday? [clears throat and looks innocent] steverogerson perhaps? :-D

[Edit] He has!
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