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Sherlock speculation

It is new year's eve here which means that Sherlock is only a couple of days away so now might be the time to reveal a theory I have.

OK, I know Molly's name is Molly Hooper and there's Jim Moriarty, but I can't help but feel her name is significant.

The pet form of Sarah is Sally, Caroline Cally, Terence Tel, Laura Lolly or Lally etc etc, so is Molly short for Moriarty? She was well placed in the morgue to plant clues, and maybe she's the clever sister using her brother as a front (see H G Wells in Warehouse 13). Sherlock had a blind spot about Harry being a woman so maybe he has here.

But hey, I was wrong about Tarrant being a Federation plant even though I could list lots of clues seeming to point that way.

In any case, I can't wait!

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