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A bit of a catch-up

I haven't posted much lately. I've been feeling a bit tired, probably a combination of extremely changeable weather (hot, cold, wet, dry--sometimes all in one day like today), learning a new job, end-of-year rush to get things finished at work before we close down for two weeks, various social outings.

There are various things I've been meaning to post about and just haven't got round to, so here's a brief catch-up.

labingi came for an all-too-brief visit. We picked her up in the afternoon, went up Mt Eden and out to the Waitakere ranges (Waitaks for short: rain forest dripping with rain), then to dinner at Casablanca, a Middle-Eastern place, then home to watch a local film and Blake's Junction 7, yay, and back to the bus terminal the next morning. I wish it could have been longer and we could have just relaxed and hung out and chatted and watched more stuff together. Maybe there will be a next time. :-)

End-of-year dinner
Greg's company's end-of-year do is usually a bit of a disaster: stinking hot in a restaurant with no air-conditioning and an inability to handle a large number of orders from a set menu. This time however it was in a hotel where they have eight buffet areas crewed by their own chefs and servers. There were salads, meats, fish & seafood, sushi, Chinese, Indian, breads, and desserts. Because they were constantly replenishing there was plenty for everyone, and people could select meat or fish and have it cooked the way they liked (snapper and spicy terakihi for fish-loving me). I hope we go back there next year. The only annoying aspect was the two old guys, founders of a company Greg's has taken over, both of whom came by at different times asking if I was Mrs N or Mrs Greg. Red rag to a bull; I said "No!" very definitely which took them aback. I don't think they quite get the concept of Ms or a woman having her own identity. One of them sat with us for a while and was quite entertaining about the very early days of computing (i.e. pre-punch cards!) and what the city used to be like, and he's invited us to a barbecue in a couple of weeks. He lives in the area in, I think, a house we actually look at to buy, right by the golf-course with a gate to the links. Of course that's why he bought it.

I'm getting the hang of my job after a few weeks and feel a lot more confident about coping with one colleague away all next month. They had an end-of-year thing too but it was meant to be in a park with children and adults but when the weather forced it to be in a school hall we decided that we had better things to do on a wet Sunday than share a crowded place with shouting children. We had a department lunch down the road yesterday though and there was Secret Santa and morning tea today (I got chocolates). Tomorrow (Friday) is a half-day which starts with a department breakfast at a local cafe, then there's champagne and mince pies / Christmas tarts at 10am which will be just after the breakfast. :-P I can't see much work being done.

I will just add: LJ, what the hell were you thinking? Is the whole idea of customer service completely alien to you?

Oh and Hanukkah sameach to those who celebrate it! [has eaten three doughnuts tonight]

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