Nico (vilakins) wrote,

What I can see from my window

One of the cool things about work is having a desk right by a window, something I haven't had in most offices. This is what I can see.

Left-hand side of view. You can see the Big Blue Thing (motorway viaduct building-and-demolishing crane) left of centre, and to the left of that is Mt Hobson behind the tree on the skyline.

Right-hand side of view. You can see where they overlap by the bright green building in the first photo showinjg its edge in the second. The hill in this one is Mt Eden which has a very good volcanic crater and wonderful views right across the city and indeed whole country, since we're on a fairly narrow isthmus.

I plan to put three pot plants on the window sill to hide the ugly grey building at the bottom. I have the pots and plants but since the office is closing for two weeks on the 23rd, I'll let them settle down over the break and take them in later.

And yay, my ThinkGeek package arrived at work this week. I was worried it wouldn't get here before the office closed.

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Tags: auckland, newmarket viaduct, work
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