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What I've been doing

I meant to post photos of what I can see through my windows at work but I deleted them from the camera under the mistaken impression that I'd already downloaded them. So I'll have to wait for a sunny day and take more. Because today is wet and miserable and the next few days probably will be too.

We were supposed to go my company end-of-year bash today, originally planned to be a combined adults' and children's outdoor thing at a park, satisfyingly separate according to the email. However it's now in a school hall and we weren't keen on sharing it with a crowd of noisy kids; I have a lot of things I'd rather do on a wet Sunday afternoon. Like reading the new Marlows book (Spring Term by Sally Hayward), having tea and sultana scones, knitting...

I have now met my first unpleasant person at work: some sort of sexist white supremacist judging by his comments who thinks everyone should have the right--and habit--of bearing arms in case they want to take down the government. I was warned about this guy and as soon as he started talking to me in the lunch room I guessed who he was. He is now up to his second wife from the Philippines; enough said. Luckily I don't have to have anything to do with him and if I come across him again in the lunch room, I'll just have urgent work to get back to.

What else can I tell you now the pressure of picowrimo (OK, I know several of you did nanowrimo and succeeded) is off? I have to go to Greg's end-of-year dinner on Thursday and have hopes of the restaurant being air-conditioned since it's in a hotel since I usually broil at those things. Today's quite cool (20C in here) but yesterday was so hot (30C) I broke out the portable aircon for this room and Sebastian has mastered Ashley's technique of charging and leaping through the small gap between the exhaust hose (jammed in the slightly open ranch sliders) and the venetians. As long as he doesn't do a Jasmin and try to go up the exhaust hose; he's far too big and would be difficult to extract. :-P

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