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Three cats (only one of them mine)

I haven't posted for a while, mainly because I haven't really had much to say. However, have some news about three cats.

Ashley has really taken till this week to get over her white-tailed spider bite because the abscess came back. She's now completely OK again and no longer having to take steroids and antibiotics to everyone's relief, ours and hers, although she was a very patient little girl. It's been six weeks. Anyway, last week when we took her in with the abscess still weeping for a checkup, Garfilly was there in reception and me without my camera or phone.

Remember Garfilly, the kitten with the thyroid problem? She's 6 months old now and when I said she'd really grown, Harriet (vet nurse and owner) said she was still too small at only 2.5kg. I pointed that Ashley at three years is only 3kg. Garfilly was running about on the reception desk eager for attention and--THIS IS SOOOO CUTE--if I held up my hand she did a high-five with one soft paw. :-D She also tapped me at one point to make me notice her when I turned aside to see how Ashley was in her Sleepy-Pod. That photo in my last post about her I now realise is showing her doing a high-five--and she's no longer cross-eyed as she was in that photo. :-)

I posted some time back about library cats and was delighted to find that there was one at St Heliers library (a couple of suburbs away), Xena. Here's her page with a lovely close-up. She was in the local paper last week when library staff organised a school holiday knit-a-thon where kids could knit a square for a blanket for her. Here's the paper's photo, not a very good one, of her in the library workroom.

The paper told us more about her. She doesn't actually belong to the library; she has a good home of her own just up the road but her owner works full time and asked the librarians to look out for her. Xena's at the back door every morning when they open up and she also visits the police station, the video store, and the fish shop. :-)

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