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Blake's Junction 7

According to a Horizon Club newsletter, people in the UK have another chance to see Blake's Junction 7 next weekend.

To quote the letter:

Not to be missed is this year's Cult TV who have recently announced the addition of Blake's Junction 7 to the programme of the 11th Annual Festival on 8-11 October 2004.

Written by Tim Plester and directed by Ben Gregor, as a thematic follow-up to their previous short Ant Muzak, which featured cult 1980's pop band Adam and the Ants embarking on a spot of late-night supermarket shopping, Blake's Junction 7 is set in a twilight world where characters from a bygone, British-made, space-opera find themselves making a pit-stop at a present-day Motorway Service Station in the early hours of a typical weekday.

Having premiered at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival, this totally unofficial but affectionate 15-minute comedy, inspired by the BBC's classic science fiction drama Blake's 7, stars Martin Freeman from The Office, Green Wing's Mark Heap, Rachel Cassidy from Teachers and Johnny Vegas. Along with all-new recordings from Cult TV Festival guest and original Blake's 7 cast-member Peter Tuddenham reprising the voice of the super-computer Orac, the comedy short also features an unusual performance from The Office's Mackenzie Crook.

Tim Plester and Ben Gregor, will be on hand to introduce their film at the Cult TV Festival and will answer questions informally in the bar afterwards. Winner of The 2003 Sydney Film Festival's Audience Award, Ant Muzak is due to be shown on Channel 4 later this year.
Maybe Channel 4 will also show Blake's Junction 7. If so, I crave a tape or DVD of it. [looks hopeful]
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