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No one proofread that?

I went to the doctor yesterday and now have antibiotics; I already feel a bit better. I hope I'm a lot better tomorrow at work. I don't think huge bouts of coughing give a good impression.

I need to take some books back to the library tomorrow. One of them is a Meg Langslow mystery by Donna Andrews. I enjoy these; they're light and funny and often geeky. Meg is a blacksmith who solves crime and has a very eccentric family, and various books have been set at renaissance faires, a fan convention (of a fictional fandom), and a computer games company. :-)

I mention this one because somehow no one proofread the back cover.

A nice front cover. Yes, all the titles in this series have bird-related puns, I don't know why. They're good stories despite that, and said birds do feature.

The back. How did this typo slip by? There aren't any on the book. You'd think they'd check the cover, wouldn't you.

Another of the books is Patrick Rothfuss's The Wise Man's Fear, the sequel to The Name of the Wind. I'm loving this series for its characters, story, humour, adventure, and fascinating world. Just saying.

And I'm picking up another Mary Russell book, yay.

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