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This viaduct is partly owned by Sebastian (who is one today)

They had another Newmarket viaduct segment signing today (see here for the first one featuring Ceiling Cat) so we went in and signed the insides of two. As it's also Sebastian's estimated first birthday, one of them got signed as "Sebastian's Birthday Seggie".

Photos of cats, viaduct, Big Blue Thing, and a Scotsman

A view of the Big Blue Thing on the viaduct and a segment to be signed in lower left. The segments will be part of the new lanes in the middle. The side closest will be demolished when its replacement is completed.

Viaduct and segment with people signing
This is clearer, You can see Big Blue through the gap between the two new sections. The left one is the new southbound lanes we walked on August last year before they opened it. The middle bit is the new northbound lanes which are replacing the old southbound ones. The right section is the existing northbound lanes which will be demolished when they've finished the new ones. So now we've signed both sides!

People signing the segment
The completed southbound viaduct is hollow and lit inside so maintenance workers can walk through it and incidentally see all the signatures on the signed segments. :-)

I asked this lovely Scot in the project office if I could take a photo of him. I assumed he was one of many tourists here for the Rugby Word Cup but he turned out to be the project manager. And yes, he was going to the game tonight. Sadly they lost to England. He told us that the signed segments will go up on Monday.

Another view of Big Blue just because.

And finally here are Sebastian, Jasmin, and Ashley having their birthday tuna. The closest we can get to having a panther, a lion, and a white tiger. :-D

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