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First week at work

It's Friday evening at last! It's been a steep learning curve (I was meant to be trained in two days when a lot more than that is needed) but I think I have it all pretty much sussed now. I still have a bad chest infection so I've been feeling pretty knackered at the end of the day, and it's embarrassing hacking away in the office. Not that I'm the only one but I think I'm the worst. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Anyway. This Rugby World Cup things that's on has resulted in different Auckland suburbs being assigned teams to support (e.g. Remuera is Scotland) and at least one car in ten flying national flags, or in our case because we have a crap flag, a black one with a silver fern on it. Several offices I've been in have different branches or departments doing the same thing in a company competition, and where I'm working that's the case too.

They went all out today at work. Examples:

  • 'Russians' were dressed as ballet dancers in white tutus (the hairy-legged men too). They were a bizarre sight lined up on the roadside buying coffees from a van mind-morning.
  • 'Australians' were in akubras (Aussie hats), some of them festoooned with corks. They also had an electric barbie in the lunch room at lunch time, frying up sausages and onions.
  • 'Canadians' were dressed as lunberjacks. If they sang the Lumberjack Song, I didn't hear it.
  • 'Japanese' were in martial art gear.
My department, meant to be Romania, just has decorations and a flag up; they say they're too busy to do anything else. They blew up far too many balloons though and the things are all over the place, collecting in rubbery drifts in corners. :-P

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