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The tiny kitten (now a little cat)

Back in June I posted about the tiny kitten at the vet. She looked about 4-6 weeks old then, but was actually about three months old. The nurse who adopted her brings her to work and at that stage either had her on the desk or carried her round in her pocket.

I now know more about her due to an article in the vet practice's newsletter last week, with two photos.

She was brought in in April as a homeless kitten, weighing about 500g and very sluggish.

When she first came in

One of the nurses, Harriet, adopted her and brought her to work each day, naming her Garfilly because she's a ginger female. Over the next few weeks she hardly grew so they tested her thyroid levels and found she has hypothyroidism which is extremely rare in cats. So twice a day she has a thyroid hormone tablet and has her blood tested regularly to make sure the dose is OK.

She was pretty active when I met her in June, playing and biting my fingers gently, and apparently she's done very well although she's still small for her age and has slightly bowed legs. The condition is so rare she's really a test case. She still comes to work with Harriet and either sits in reception, plays in the cattery, or sometimes 'works' in the recovery room comforting cats and dogs recovering from anaesthesia. :-)

What she looks like now

I was sorry not to see Garfilly the two times Harriet was there when I took Ashley in or collected her (and I even had my camera in case) but she was out in the cattery. She's made a lot of friends among clients and I hope to see her when I'm next in getting worming pills. She certainly has a happy and loved life. :-)

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