Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ashley (and bonus Sebastian)

Ashley came home yesterday afternoon, complete with a bright pink bandage where the IV had been. She was delighted to be back and straight away ate some soft food which was very encouraging. Her mouth is still swollen and she has an incipient abscess under her chin which they thought might go away due to the antibiotics we're dosing her with, but I think I'll be taking her in tomorrow for them to look at it.

She was in our bedroom this morning eager to look out the window which showed how much better she was feeling. I took a photo of her last night in her pink bandage and two today to show how much better she's feeling.

Here she is on the heatpad last night. She wasn't happy about that bandage and kept flicking that leg with every step, occasionally stopping to lick it. I cut it off her in the evening before we went to bed, to her relief.

This was taken this afternoon through a window. She's sitting on the deck railing outside the living room; the bars are the frame for our hammock which will go up in summer. I went out to get a better photo but as soon as she saw me, she jumped down and ran towards me, meowing. :-) She then followed me round the house and inside, then demanded to go out the sliding doors to where she had been.

Sebastian followed her and I got both of them sitting on the deck.

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Tags: ashley, cats, sebastian
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