Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Spring and a world cup

It seems to be spring at last! There are usually flowers around and the magnolias were out last month, but for me it's the weather that indicates spring: it's been fine and warm lately and it's also time to refill the automatic insect repellent squirters since I've seen a fly already. :-(

The rugby world cup starts tonight and I've seen loads of All Black and Tongan flags, and this afternoon a woman wrapped in a South African flag. I have not the slightest interest in thugby but I'll watch the opening ceremony on TV and the fireworks from a vantage point just down the road (our trees have grown too tall). Said fireworks are meant to be magnificent with pohutukawa flowers and nikau palms and other local images. I have yet to see anything as wonderful as the huge ringed Saturn I saw several years ago but tonight might be the night.

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Tags: nz, real life
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