Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cats with sundial and statues

Yesterday Greg called me into the kitchen with my camera because he could see Sebastian outside on the deck sitting by the sundial and the Roman and Best[et] statues as if posed. So I got a good photo of him through the window, and sure enough, when I went out the back door, he rushed straight over to me.

And because I took one of Ashley actually on the sundial a while back, here's that one too. :-)

Ashley on the sundial. All three cats were in the garden and I think she wanted a good view of them. And yes, I really need to unpot that plant and put it in the garden.

Sebastian playing statue out there yesterday, sitting and looking at us looking at him. :-)

I am horribly behind with photos, not just of cats but also some gorgeous ones taken on holiday (mosaic garden, art deco etc) and I must get round to resizing and posting them.

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Tags: ashley, cats, photos, sebastian
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