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We haven't seen season 4 of Farscape yet, but Sky is showing season 1 again, so I'm watching it for the third time. Last night was 'DNA Mad Scientist'. I suppose this is common knowledge in the FS community, but I just realised during the ep that Namtar spelled backwards is Ratman. Shades of poor Timov in B5. Namtar, by the way, is a seriously cool alien; I wonder how the actor walked with those goat legs. And I do hope poor Kornata managed to reverse her own changes. A hand as big as your head would be a right pain not to mention hard to type with. Was she named Kornata because of the first of the squicky eye scenes which later become such a feature? [shudder]

I do love that last scene with D'Argo and Pilot.

While on names, at work the convention is to write to customers using just their initials and surname. Yesterday I came across someone called I M Bent. You'd think parents would consider this sort of thing before naming a kid, wouldn't you? But no--today I found as S Weller.

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