Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Day 20 - Paihia beach

I cast about for something relatively simple to do today and found a photo I took about five years ago of Paihia beach in the Bay of Islands.

Paihia beach

This is done in Artrage virtual oils. Where I've put long grass is actually mown grass and a pathway, but I thought this was a bit more interesting. I was wondering how to do the leaves on the tree--with real paints I'd dab with an old scrubby brush (as I did with this painting here) but Artrage didn't have that brush option. Luckily I found a setting on the sprinkles brush called "instant dirt" and that worked very well when set to shades of green. I put some on the beach too.

My NaArMaMo 2011 Gallery is here; go up a level for the others.

Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comments.

Tags: art making month 2011
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