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Snow in Auckland!

People, it snowed today! There hasn't been snow in Auckland since 1939. There had been hail earlier in the day but suddenly people in the place I was working started shouting there was snow falling and we rushed out onto the roof deck. Some people said it was more hail, but it was real, drifting snow, glittering on our hair and clothes though it melted as soon as it hit the ground. There was visible ground snow in the Bombay hills though!

OK, I lived in Germany for almost three years so I know about real snow and really cold temperatures, but this is news for this city. Of course the more southern snowed-in cities are pointing and laughing like they did when we had an earthquake recently, but the point in both cases is that we hardly ever get either.

I am so glad we have a heat-pump even though it's only managed to bring the house up to about 16-17C.

I should also report that my striped scarf and purple Wolf Bay mitts and possum-wool hat were very much appreciated on the walking part of my commute, especially in the morning gale.

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