Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Day 11 - Rainbow umbrella

I told pinkdormouse I'd draw my rainbow umbrella, and here it is.

Rainbow umbrella

It has 16 panels, each a different colour. I don't know why the mauve one is so pale; it doesn't seem to fit. However it's still a thing of beauty and has a lovely wooden shaft and curved handle and is very light to use. I don't take it anywhere I'd possible leave it or get it stolen; I mostly use the two large gust-busters in my car for that (and in fact I left the green one at work today; sigh).

Besides this one, I also have a light blue one with a map of the world, and one I use for the sun in summer that looks like banana leaves.

Look, umbrellas are a necessity in Auckland so I might as well have some beautiful ones!

Done in Artrage then a rain effect added to the background in GIMP.

As LJ-hosted pictures aren't always showing up properly (just as a strip or very pixellated), I also have it on Flickr.

My NaArMaMo 2011 Gallery is here; go up a level for the others.

Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comments.

Tags: art making month 2011
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