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I should post something other than art. OK, what have I done lately?

We failed to go to the Food Show because Greg said he was too busy to take Friday morning off, though he'd earlier said he could, and claimed it would rain on Saturday (it didn't), and I consoled myself that I couldn't really afford to buy stuff there. We did however go to the house of a fellow Roman re-enactor known as Rob the Roman (which Vila would take as a welcome suggestion) to watch The Eagle with other re-enactors and classics geeks. The film was strangely unengaging, and apart from being American, which seemed somehow wrong (probably because it's based on an English book) they'd changed a lot. I can see why they missed out Cottia and Cub, but not why they changed other things like what happened in the seal people's village. Plus blue Mohicans? Did not seem particularly Pictish apart from the colour.

Also, after growing my hair to chin-length for a couple of years, my hair is now shorter than it started (though not yet Servalan-like) except for the long spiky animé-style fringe which may get a lot longer.

I might do a self-portrait. Or not.

Oh and it was Jasmin's third birthday last week while LJ was down.

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