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I'm enjoying Firefly at a glacial pace--except for the bloody reavers. What's wrong with ordinary everyday evil like oppressive governments and experimentation on human subjects that they have to make me feel physically ill too? And if Mal knew what would happen to that guy in 'Bushwhacked', why didn't he shoot him or space him? It would have saved a lot of trouble and a few lives; admittedly people he regards as enemy though. :-) I did like them hiding Simon and River outside, and that River enjoyed it.

Is there a good Firefly site anyone can recommend?

[Edit] Have now found two sites: a cool Wiki one thanks to spacefall, and a fan site about which I can see what communicator means--the design's a bit dense and headache-inducing.

And hey, I like this new update style too, with everything I want to change in one screen. Change is Good, as long as it's for the better.

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