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Two good finds

I went out to take some books back to the library and get some lunch and a coffee at the same time, and realised on my way that I'd left without a book to read over lunch. A bad habit, they say, but I don't care; I like a book if I'm eating alone. So I had a quick browse at the library (which was full of kids, it being school holidays which I also hadn't realised) and found Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall, themselves Trekkies. There was a vid advertising this a while back and it looked like a lot of fun. Zombies aren't usually my thing, but at a Star Trek con and with added humour? They definitely are.

After lunch (and two chapters in, all chapter having BTW Star Trek episode names) I went to Farro to pick up eggs, bread, and yogurt--and they had imported Italian cannoli shells. You can't usually get those here so I grabbed a packet. All I have to do is make a lovely ricotta filling. I became addicted to those things in Sicily and the last ones I ate were in Melbourne some years ago. I'm meant to be eating more healthily but YUM!

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