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Chocolate cake recipe

I promised matildabj my never-fail, easy, delicious, moist, and rich chocolate cake recipe, so here it is in case anyone else is interested. I have two other chocolate cake recipes but I've never bothered with them since I found this one.

Sorry it took so long. I was certain I had it typed up somewhere but I've had to copy out my handwritten notes from my recipe book.

Chocolate Cake

2 cups sugar
2-3 eggs dep. on size
1 cup milk
3/4 cup cocoa powder
200g (7 oz) butter, softened
3 cups SR flour (or plain flour plus 4 tsp baking powder)*
2 tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup very hot strong coffee (I now use espresso but I've found strong instant is also fine)

Mix all ingredients together in one large bowl. See, easy! Don't over-beat, just make sure they're mixed. I just use a fork for this.
Turn into 1 deep tin or 2 sponge tins, greased with butter.
Bake at 160C (or 320F) for one hour or till springy and shrinks from side of tin.
Cool completely and ice if desired.

* I've always used 1 tsp per cup of plain flour, so 3 tsp in total, and that makes a beautiful cake. Recently an Australian cook said 3 tsp per cup was more accurate but I googled local sites and they said 1.5 tsp was right. So I'm more correct than she was, and this cake always turns out beautifully. :-)

I should add that the you can't taste the coffee but it intensifies the chocolate flavour. Yum!

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