Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Injured Ashley - and a tiny kitten

I didn't see Ashley all day on Friday which bothered me as it wasn't like her, and when I went out and called her, she cried and came running to be picked up. She wasn't at all happy and I could see she'd been in a fight so we took her to the vet. She had several scratches, but the worst was inside her right ear which had healed over the injury and would have abscessed. The vet (who called her doll and said she was a pretty little thing) washed it out and gave her some pain-killer and antibiotic injections, and some pills we have to dose her with.

Then we went back out to reception and that was where the tiny kitten was: a ginger one sitting on the counter beside the receptionist who said she brings it to work every day and carries it around in her pocket when she's not at her desk. So how could I resist? I played with the little ginger girl for a while, and she was just adorable, grabbing my fingers and biting them gently. She's older then she looks: she has hypothyroidism and should be twice the size by now. Someone brought her in to have her put down, but the receptionist decided to keep her (as I would have) and apparently she's growing now she's on some new tablets.

I want to go back and play with her again.

As for Ashley, she was much happier after the cleaning and injection and stayed inside for several hours on the heatpad. Today she's her normal self again, running around outside and rolling over with joy for a scritch when she sees me. :-)

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Tags: ashley, cats
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