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I suppose it's about time I made a post. So here's a mixture of stuff.

Sebastian is getting on really well with the girls. I've seen him curled up next to both of them (separately) and grooming them and being groomed. He loves them, and I think they like him a lot more than they do each other these days. I'd noticed they had little to do with each other since Vic died, so Sebastian has fitted in really well as a playmate and friend to them. And he now knows how to use the cat door. We had it held partially open with string but that was letting cold winter air in and I got tough and decided he needed to figure it out and took the string off; it only took him a day. Yay!

All the same, one of the three peed in the bath yesterday. And that's with the cat door and some litter available (which I'm removing soon). Sigh.

And yes, there will be photos at some point. When I get round to GIMPing them. My unwillingness to tackle a huge number of the bastards also explains why I haven't yet posted any of the gorgeous ones I took on my last holiday.

A new local supermarket opened yesterday, near my beloved Farro gourmet supermarket, and I went to check it out; it'll be great having a New World that near. It's all bright and new and full of the usual things except that as I went past the meats (with no intention of buying) I couldn't help but notice the selection in some chilled cabinets: crocodile, kangaroo, goat, quail, hare, rabbit, braaainsss... I've never seen most of those in a supermarket before (not that I'll be getting any), but it's nice that they cater for zombies.

Um, what else? Oh yeah, strangest spelling mistake seen last Friday while processing surveys done by council workers: "thoughs" for "those". Why go the hard route?

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