Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Charity sale and Soviet space posters

The Lonely Miaow (the cat foster shelter organisation I got Ashley and Sebastian from) had a charity "garage" sale today. I didn't get that great a haul: just a set of nice porcelain mugs I'm going to give to my sister, painted wooden Thai cat and fish that sort of go with the ones I already have, a small tray, and two Mexican ceramic cats. That takes care of two days in August art month anyway. They were only charging $1 or $2 an item so I gave them more than that; they deserve it. What they mostly had was clothes, all piled on long tables, but they were too difficult to look at all jumbled up like that. I bet there was some great vintage stuff mixed up in there too.

Anyway, have some beautiful Soviet space posters, link care of [personal profile] toft. :-D There's an English translation under each.

Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comments.

Tags: real life, space
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