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I remembered a couple of things I was going to post about last time and couldn't think of.

Knitting party
This was at Spotlight on Saturday afternoon so I went along to see what it was. It was a group of people from a young girl who had just learned to older ladies sitting round a table knitting squares for blankets for the children's hospital while being plied with tea, coffee, biscuits, and mini chocolate bars. The conversation was excellent and I completed a sort of camo square with stripes. All yarn was also 20% off so I bought some but totally forgot I'd promised to make my sister a beret so I'll have to buy that at full price. Oh well.
One knitter said that Middlemore Hospital provides the yarn and needles for waiting visitors to use to make squares which I think is a great idea.

Largest Blake's 7 poll ever
This poll covers all forms of B7 (audio and books etc) in which "you can rate not only your favourite episodes, but your favourite audios and comics as well". I couldn't answer for a lot of those but I did vote for the episodes and novels at the top, the two old radio plays, then scrolled down to the title sequence ratings and answered from then on. There's a prize for one random voter. But anyway, have fun and express your opinion of Ben Steed. ;-)

Hit again
This depressed country has not just had earthquakes and floods but also a tornado in north Auckland. Enough already.

Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comments.

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