Nico (vilakins) wrote,

WIP update

Greg will be here soon, which is why I'm up so early to let him in. I should add that the travel company that arranged his flights and hotels is Orbit, and he flew with Delta twice. ;-)

Since I've been using his computer, I'll have limited time on it from now on. I shall resort to writing down ideas and outlines for my charity WIP on paper; yikes. The charity drawing will however have to wait till I get my own PC back--or a new one--along with my graphics tablet. Here's hoping it's soon, though Easter will probably delay it.

I know I should have got both these things done well before now, but general lassitude and depression plus a lingering cold have not helped. I've just wanted to retreat into books. But they will be done, I assure the recipients! The ideas are finally starting to come, and I'd rather give them both my best.

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