Nico (vilakins) wrote,

RIP PC, Sebastian, space duet

A scary weather bomb came through this afternoon (sudden and relatively brief rain, gale-force winds, and really close thunder) and the power flickered, killing my already sick PC. The thing now refuses to boot.

I'm on Greg's one but lacking bookmarks, Photoshop (though I suppose I can install GIMP on here) and graphics tablet which means no photos of cats or drawings. I really hope I can get everything back. At least I backed up the story I'm working on by sending it to Gmail.

In other news, Sebastian had to go to the vet today for bad diarrhea and, it turned out, an inflamed gut. He got an injection, some probiotic powder and some pills (oh joy, I'll now find out how easy he is to pill) and some special sensitive stomach food till he comes right which should take about five days. Apart from that however he's fine: playful and happy and hungry.

And while I'm here, have a very cool vid: NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, aboard the International Space Station*, and musician Ian Anderson, founder of the rock band Jethro Tull, joined together for the first space-Earth duet. :-)

* Speaking of the International Space Station, they're on LibraryThing where I friended them--and they friended me back! I thought the "You are now friends with the International Space Station" email was too good to delete.

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Tags: cats, real life, sebastian, space
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