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Top Ten on AO3

I thought I'd do the "my top 10 AO3 stories" meme only because the fandoms are an interesting mix. Why yes, B7 hardly features, but none of my fandoms is exactly a major one except for SGA which I crossed with B7 and rendered minor.

My 10 top stories

Tears Before Bedtime for the Queen's Thief series - Why were there tears on Eugenides' and Irene's wedding night?
I didn't think this book series was that well known, but then I seem to be Nico the Obscure. I wrote this at white heat because I'd just finished the book the day before and couldn't resist the prompt.

The Art Game for Mad Men - Sal loved art from an early age, but he had to learn to play another game.
A Yuletide story like the first one. Four of the top seven are Yuletide stories which is probably why they got the hits.

At The End for Temeraire - Levitas at the end. I had to write him something to make up for the way that bastard Rankin treated him.

Remade for the Bas Lag book series (The Scar in this case) - Bellis Coldwine is back in New Crobuzon.

You Never Know Your Luck for Blake's 7/Firefly - Two ships meet in the black.

Game On for The IT Crowd - Douglas visits the IT Department to greet the little people at Reynolm Industries on Christmas Eve.

Time Warp for Blake's 7/ST:TNG - A spatial anomaly throws the Enterprise 700 years into the future where it encounters the Liberator.

Pleasure for Blake's 7/Red Dwarf - A missing scene set during Shadow.

Cocktail Hour for Blake's 7/SGA - Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Acastus Kolya!

Gateway for Blake's 7/SGA - The Liberator comes across a Stargate and takes it on board.

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