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Introducing... Sebastian!

I meant to post this yesterday but LJ was down.

Allow me to introduce... Sebastian.

Yep, that's the source of the icon. :-)

He's seven months old and came from a local Lonely Miaow foster home on Sunday. He was rescued at four weeks from a Mangere (South Auckland) street, and was the only non-tabby in the litter. He's very sweet and affectionate and playful so I have no idea why he wasn't adopted till now. (But damn, I could have taken two other younger kittens with him who were swarming all over me at the home and I feel sort of guilty about that but three cats are expensive enough to board when we go away).

Sebastian is black except for a white spot on his front, another bigger one on his underneath, and a couple of white hairs in each ear. He has lovely green eyes, more gold at the edges. Why Sebastian? I suggested a lot of names to Greg and I expected him to laugh and say no, but he thinks Sebastian will grow into the magnificence of his name.

And in fact he's already about the size of Jasmin and Ashley, but they're little cats. I hope he doesn't get too big because he's a real smoocher. I'll have to train him not to knead though.

Ashley likes him and has even played with him, but Jasmin's very uncertain. She's better each day, but he hasn't helped by running after her to make friends and play, and, what's worse, sleeping in all her favourite places. She sniffs each one and looks outraged as she stalks off. :-) I'm sure it will work out fine: she didn't like Ashley at first and Sebastian is a very friendly, gentle little boy.

About to make a leap at the camera.

Aha! In one of Jasmin's favourite spots.

There will be more of all three cats. :-)

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