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Friday night ramble

Ho hum. I am home, sneezing, snuffling and coughing, while Greg is at the neighbours'. They rang up this morning and said they were having people over and to come; Greg, thinking it was a World Cup cricket party (the final's actually tomorrow), accepted without consulting me. I'm rather glad I'm full of cold because I suspect it's her trying to sell the magic plant sugar stuff she's always trying to talk us into buying. It's not Amway, it's some other crowd whose name I can't remember, and even though I'm probably missing out on yummy Indian nibbles, she'd be telling me that her sugar powders and pills would cure my cold or stop me getting one in the first place. [googles] Oh yes, it's Mannatech and the stuff is "glyconutrients".

Anyway. I know I've been quiet lately, but then LJ has been for me too. I've realised that almost all my old B7 friends have either disappeared or moved on to other things in the last few years which has put a crimp in my fannish life. I do enjoy a lot of other series but I just don't feel like writing for them, or even reading much (with the exception of Sherlock for which the fanfiction I've come across so far is of enormously high quality).

So, what am I watching?

West Wing - we came late to this as we often do, and I'm enjoying it a lot despite my abysmal grasp of just how American politics works (Greg is a great resource). My favourite characters are C J, Toby, Donna, Josh, and Jed Bartlet.

NCIS - another one we came late to. I don't watch all the eps; I avoid the ones about serial killers and women-haters (usually the same thing) and terrorists--yeah I have a thing about mass murderers) and I can't look at Ducky's autopsy scenes. I listen to them though because I love his rambles. Favourite characters are Abbye, McGee and Ziva (despite her disturbing past) and even Tony's not as infuriating as he was though I still wouldn't want to know the sleaze.

The Big Bang Theory - one of my favourites. Inspired comedy and a highlight of my viewing week.

Community - we just started watching this one. It's early days yet and I don't like the lead much but the others mostly make up for it. Favourites are Abed, Troy, and surprisingly, Britta who turned out to be not the blonde airhead she looks.

Miranda - quirky and very funny and wonderful, and the series is too. I wouldn't have taken so long to get to this if I'd realised it was Miranda Hart who was Teal in Hyperdrive. I normally don't like characters addressing the audience, but she does it brilliantly. [loves] Only House of Cards managed to do as well though in a different way. We are watching this too quickly. Soon we'll have eaten it all.

I need to get back to some series I've neglected lately too, but probably on my own: Eureka, Leverage, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives.

This week we really enjoyed Space Race, a BBC doco-drama about Sergei Korolev and Wernher von Braun from wartime to Apollo 11. A lot of this, especially the Russian side, was new to me; Korolev's identity and a lot of the incidents were secret for many years. But really, Robert Lindsay who did the narrative should have found out how to say Korolev's name (~ Korolyof). The actors managed it but Lindsay persisted in saying Koriolov, and they called his wife Nina instead of Xenia. Maybe Lindsay couldn't say Xenia (Ksenia)? They also used that old trope of having the Germans and Russians speak accented English--along with random stretches of German and Russian with subtitles. Private Schulz did it better with the Berliner Schulz having a Cockney accent. I must watch that again sometime.

Oh and there was surprise Stephen Greif in a small role as the American Colonel Toftoy. I almost didn't recognise him with the American accent. :-D

OK, I think that's enough rambling. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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