Nico (vilakins) wrote,

More good and bad things

Very Bad: I've been home ill with what has developed into a severe chest infection, and until now could barely raise the energy to read let alone sit at a computer.

Bad: My car was backed into by a sweet old lady while I was at work a couple of weeks ago. Luckily she admitted it was all her fault to her insurance company but that didn't stop mine trying to get $300 excess off me. They didn't.

Good: The three-months-old Collision Management place run by several insurance companies including mine took care of it. You drop your car there (or they tow it there), they get panelbeaters and painters to go round and quote, they do everything for you including quality checking, and will even hire you a rental car at a very reasonable rate. I got one for $15 a day.

Bad: I've been too ill for the last five days to drive the thing.

Good: For some time the paint was been peeling from the roof of my car--a fault in the application of the paint and protective coating of that model and year--and I've taken the opportunity to get that fixed too, and a lot cheaper than I'd thought. My car has a B7 numberplate, sad as I am, but I'll be glad that I will no longer have to explain that Avon stole the keys and drove it through an enzyme cloud.

Bad bad bad: The B7 season 2 DVDs are due out on 17 January next year. Just after I ordered them along with the latest Neal Stephenson which was due out around the same date as they were meant to be. Will the suits at the beeb keep this latest date, I ask myself? I won't hold my breath.

Tags: car
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