Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Wrong

Written for the b7friday Doctor Who on the Scorpio challenge, 265 words.


The crew stared with amazement and suspicion as a blue box materialised with an elephantine wheeze in the Scorpio teleport bay.

"Police box?" said Vila, stepping back to put Avon between it and him. Then, as the door opened and a curly-haired man in bright clothes stepped out, "Bayban!"

"Don't be ridiculous," said Avon.

"It is, you know." Tarrant glared at Vila. "You said he was dead."

Dayna scowled. "He would have been if I'd used one of my RC bombs on him."

"He was," Avon said shortly. "I checked."

"Then who is this?" asked Soolin coolly from behind her well-aimed clipgun.

"You're an aggressive and suspicious lot, aren't you?" The man shoved his hands into the pockets of his motley coat. "Don't you wait for introductions?"

"Well, it's not Bayban," said Avon.

Vila stayed where he was. "Sounds like him."

"If nothing else, look at what he's wearing. Bayban had impeccable style—" Avon stroked the gauntlets he had picked up on Kezarn "—yet this man looks as if he used the remnants of several outfits to make one."

The man reared back, outraged. "How rude! I was going to warn you off going to a certain planet but I've had enough, I'm off." He swung round and stomped back into his blue box which promptly faded away.

"Wonder what he meant. I mean, just about every planet we've been to needs a warning sign." Vila raised his eyebrows at Avon. "Maybe it wasn't us he wanted. Wrong coordinates, d'you think?"

Avon shrugged and suppressed a small shudder. "Very much the wrong clothes anyway."

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