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Rocky the Boulder and others

February was the hottest on record here, so no wonder I was sweltering. It's much nicer now, but still a degree or two hotter than normal.

Anyway, here are some lighter moments from the earthquake.

A guy called Phil has the boulder which smashed through his house on sale, all proceeds to the earthquake relief fund. "Rocky will enhance your 'indoor outdoor' flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did." Ahahaha, I notice that the seller allows pick-ups. It's worth taking a look at the photos (the last one made me laugh) and the comments are extremely funny; Phil has a great sense of humour and his replies are brilliant. The bidding's at $7000 last time I looked. :-D One person was worried that Rocky might not go to a good home and I was tempted to suggest he gets micro-chipped in case he strays, but I think Phil has his hands full with the comments he has already.

A pigeon that was alive under the ruins of the Cathedral has been named Barney Rubble. If he turns out to be female, he'll be renamed Betty.

We were also amused to see that a house that lost most of its roof had an attic full of very large and healthy marijuana plants and a ventilation/watering/sun system. I hope they aren't nicked for it.

[Edit] Rocky has his own facebook which has comments just as funny as the TradeMe listing.

I also love this: You know you're from Christchurch when...

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