Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: One of Those Whatchamacallits

I've fallen a bit behind on reposting my few b7friday
stories. This one was for the domestic bliss challenge. 200 words set in season 1.

One of Those Whatchamacallits

"Ever thought about settling down on a planet like that?" Gan asked as they broke orbit over Destiny.

"Too much like hard work," said Vila, "out in the fields all day."

"All right, I can see you're not exactly cut out to be a farmer--"

"To say the least," said Avon.

"--but wouldn't you like a family? Kids?"

"Well..." Vila tilted his head in thought. "Wouldn't mind, in principle, I mean it'd be nice to have someone who cared about me and all that," and he went on rapidly so as not to let Avon slip a word in edgeways, "but I think I'd get bored."

"Bored?" Gan looked surprised. "I thought you'd go for safety."

"Yeah, but you need a bit of excitement to make it worthwhile, don't you. For contrast, see. I'd either be overworked and bored doing chores, putting up shelves, painting, cleaning, you name it, or I'd have robots to do it all and just be bored."

Gan was silent, thinking of how much he'd give to have all that back again.

"S'one of those watchamacallits, oxymorons, innit? Like military intelligence and geek chic---"

Avon reared back in outrage.

"--domestic bliss is."

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