Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Still here

I haven't posted for a while, mainly because of a lack of anything interesting to say. I do have a new (to me) hard drive, a server-grade one this time, plus the files that were newer than the last backup (which was last month due to the disk problems), so that's good. The weather's been so hot though that I've been feeling too lacking in energy to do much more than in front of the portable air conditioner and read or knit or indeed both. This is apparently the hottest February on record and the constant high (70% plus) humidity apparently adds three degrees to how it feels. Today, however, is cooler which is a pleasant change. I went out and bought salady stuff because I've decided it was time to improve my eating habits. And now, at almost bedtime, I'm feeling hungry. Stupid body.

I can't even do the WIP folder challenge because I don't actually have any WIPs. I do have some story ideas I should tackle and bring down with my arms around their knees rather than just think about them. I'm a slack fan.

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