Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cat in the air-conditioning duct

Jasmin must have read one of the stories I uploaded onto my site yesterday, Rebels and Rats (in which Vila and Avon are reduced to the size of cats to infiltrate a Federation facility via the air conditioning ducts) because I was unnerved (to say the least) to hear scrabbling in the hot-air exhaust last night.

We have proper installed air conditioning in the dining/TV/kitchen area but I had to buy this portable unit to make the living room, in which I spend a lot of time, liveable in summer. See the flexible tube snaking towards the door?

That's where she was. Luckily it was evening, not the blazingly hot afternoon it is now, and the unit was off. There's a narrow flared end (that's hard to see in the bright sun) that must have been loose because it was lying on the deck outside. I was about to disconnect the duct from the unit to get whoever it was out when there was more frantic scrabbling and the tip of a tawny tail appeared followed by the rest of Jasmin. [shakes head at lunacy of cat now sitting on couch looking like butter wouldn't melt]

I did disconnect the thing and look down it in case there was a lizard or a cat toy in there but it was clear. The narrow end is now very firmly on.

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