Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Things I made in 2010

OK, here are the things I made in 2010. I don't seem to have done as much as in 2009.

Finished objects

A bi-directional diagonal scarf I made for someone for the Help Haiti auction. It's done with short rows; no sewing.

Long striped handwarmers for zoefruitcake to do her geo-caching in. :-)

A wavy scarf done in two variegated yarns, alternating every two rows, and matching handwarmers like Zoe's, but shorter, alternating every row.

zoefruitcake sent me two natural yarns from Iceland, so I looked around for a pattern to show them off in contrast, and liked this tam. It's blocked by drying it over a large plate. This taught me to knit with two colours, one in each hand, using both English and continental styles.

These are Rose Tyler's Wolf Bay wrist-warmers. I don't like Rose much (at least with Ten; she was great with Nine), but she wore some wonderful knitwear. These taught me cables, and I loved the pattern so much I did them again in bright (rose?) pink.

Another go at a cabled pattern. I love these two for their almost art deco look. And yes, I do like my fingerless mitts. They keep my hands warm in our snow-less winters while letting me drive, type, eat, and drink coffee. And they look really cool, a great accessory. With me, it's mitts, hats, and jewellery not shoes.

Klein bottle hat and Moebius strip neckwarmer for samantha_vimes who wants to wear them in the maths classes she will teach.

Gravity well / wormhole, also for samantha_vimes as a geeky bonus. I made one for me too, to pose my various model spaceships over. It's a bit floppy though.

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