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Drabble: Vila's Pet

I've been thinking of letting Vila have a pet. So here's a drabble about it.


Vila's Pet

"Vila!" Avon snapped. "If that thing runs across my station once more, I shall flatten it."

"I thought we weren't supposed to keep pets," Dayna said. She placed her hand protectively against her cleavage, remembering when the creature had taken refuge there.

"If that were a rule, it was broken long ago," said Avon.

Vila picked up his beloved spider and stroked it tenderly. "You mean Cally's moon-disk?"

"I mean you."

"At least Vila's house-trained," Tarrant grinned. "Relatively."

Cally frowned at him. "What do you call it, Vila?"


"What?" Tarrant was outraged.

Vila looked innocent. "That's right. Del Tarantula."


No more Del jokes--I promise!
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